The Start Of Something

It doesn’t always start like this, does it?
I don’t think so.  Not like this.  This is different.  This has only been twice before.  Maybe three times, but she was psycho, so I don’t know if that was just her crazy sucking me in.  But this isn’t like the other times.  The times with the frosting or the polka dots.  It wasn’t like the rebound or the betrayal.  Those few times that felt like this ended up lasting, either in time or impression.

How do I know?  I’m not sure really.  It could be as simple as a feeling.  Feelings lie sometimes but only afterwards do you see it.  So I’m right back where I started.  How do I know?  I probably don’t.  Won’t.  Until however much amount of time flies by and all of a sudden I’ll think yea or nay.
Or I’ll just keep up like I am and think yeah, absolutely.  Totally.  All the time.

Secrets and history.
Past, present and future.
Smiles and laughter.
Questions and answers.
Hours and hours and hours.
All in a day.

This is something different.  The start of something.  It has to be.
Yes, it could be gone with the snap of a wrist.  A dump truck into your driver’s side door while rolling through an intersection.  A lie or truth flying through uncaught.  But that’s true of anything and while waiting for the next disaster why not enjoy the overcast skies and the dark clouds rolling in.

It’s gonna rain, we should get ready for the downpour.

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