Nighttime Rituals

You always think I let you go to bed first because I’m too engrossed in what I’m watching.
Or I’m doing something that’s more important than you
But the truth is I just like to look at you when you’re in the middle of something.
When you’re not watching me.
When you’re not aware I’m there.
And I can admire you from the doorway.
The way you slip your clothes off and into something much less.
It makes me want to help you off with the rest.
Serenity can be captured in a picture
and its the sight of you when I crack the door open and the light spills in
You’re asleep
or at least pretending to be
and either way when I slip in next to you all i want to be is against you
and feel the warmth of your skin
and that soft moan of comfort as our limbs find their home until morning

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