Toxic Masculinity

I’m not a real man.

I don’t know cars,
I don’t fix stuff,
or work with my hands,
and make my skin rough.

I don’t do manly things.

I’m not into NASCAR.
I’m not into beer.
I don’t make fun of girly things,
and call them all queer.

I don’t understand guy talk.

When they say things like, “hey bro,”
then make fun for a group laugh
like a pack of hyenas
all in backwards hats.

I’m not sure what’s up with violence.

I don’t get why they think guns are so cool,
and peace is a weakness.
Or why mixed martial arts is a thing,
while they beat each other senseless.

What I really don’t get is the way they treat women.

Like they’re property to own.
As if their bodies are strictly for fun,
and when a contradiction to that point comes up
then equality is done.

I’m not a real man.

I’ve never been that way,
and it wasn’t something I planned.
Everything they stand for is against what I believe.
Everything they believe isn’t for what I stand.




I wasn’t going to add this but I thought I should just because a lot of people can’t separate “hey I like that!” from the idea that just because you fit a description doesn’t mean you are exactly what’s being described.  Just because someone likes MMA or NASCAR or whatever doesn’t mean they are a horrible person.  It doesn’t mean they are a part of toxic masculinity, just that generally a toxic male likes all of those things and follows all of those ideals.  So, yeah.  Don’t yell at me.

4 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity

  1. Ironically, my husband and I were discussing this topic earlier today. I love this poem because it states so eloquently his point. Despite what society would have us believe, not liking those things doesn’t make a man less manly. It just makes you, you

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    • Yeah, exactly 🙂
      Like….I’ve never liked many “manly” things myself. Yet everywhere I go it’s always guys talking about cars or getting drunk on beer or thinking guns are cool or whatever. That’s never been me.
      And like…just because a person likes that stuff doesn’t mean they are that either so they can hate the culture that surrounds it but still enjoy parts of it.

      Thanks again. I appreciate the comments 🙂

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