Me, Flirting

Something Blue:  “Okay, let’s nap and forget the world.”

Me:  “Nap?  Sure.  I’m going to insist actually.  Legs tangled, right?”

Something Blue:  “Can I have kisses?”

Me:  “I thought you’d never ask.”

Rushes my lips against hers, arms around her back, pinching tight around her rib cage. Smashing a kiss into her the way angry waters erode boulders along the beach. Lifting her. Carrying her until momentum is stopped in a thudding halt against a wall, table, desk, chair and falling into or onto it with a hunger such as what was deprived during lent.

“I mean…,” kisses you because I missed your lips.
“You can have either. Or both. Take your pick, or take everything.”

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