I Want To Punch A Dragon

I want to punch a dragon.
Look at it right in the eye.
I’m gonna pull its snarling lip.
Show it I’m not scared to try.

That dragon’s gonna hear me.
I’ll shout and stomp my foot.
Nothing will stop my fervent manner
not his teeth nor being turned to soot

I wanna punch a dragon
I’ll show it I’m not scared.
It can huff and puff and snap its jaws
but I have come prepared

First I’ll trap its tail
and tie it to the roof
so when it tries to whip around
the walls will crash and move

That dragon will be disoriented
wondering what is going on
I’ll take my chance to kick its butt
and make my punch land strong

Before he can regain himself
Before he can attack
I’ll make that punch land just right
I will not be his snack.

So when my fist connects
and the dragon feels my blow
It will realize how strong I am
and ask me, “please just go!”

I’ll return home triumphant
Having conquered the great beast
I was never scared of that dragon
Not for one second, not in the least.

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