Some Of Them Are All The Same

I always say I never understand but that isn’t exactly true.

I understand enough to see the appeal

and why it comes from you.

What I don’t get is why it’s there,

and also why so many share,

this idea of a man of brooding thought

with an asshole’s personality

and why its sought.

These dickhead guys,

with shitty sights,

and self absorbed behavior.

All they want is to feed their need,

and be seen as a woman’s savoir.

Dominant, dark and nasty,

the bad boy’s time spent talking crassly.

Thought of as mean, evil, bad or hardened.

I’m not sure what happened to kindhearted.

This isn’t a weeping sob to bemoan the song of the nice guy.

I get the want to feel special and sit on a pedestal up high.

What I don’t understand is why so many girls

will gravitate towards a beginning with such an obvious end.

Apparently sometimes a piece of shit of a man

is a girl’s best friend.

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