Random: M4F – NSA, Mental Exercises Only

I’m looking for cute girls with words to spend.  Artistic girls with painted hearts wrapped in canvas and dipped in their favorite color.  The kind of girls who have opinions on beautiful things and find beauty in things people don’t generally have opinions on.

They can be from all walks of life, because what better way to find beauty than through the eyes of someone who’s seen it from another angle.  Some from the 20th floor and looking at the tree tops and roofs of buildings in a sprawling city.  Others from the streets looking up at architectural marvels, birds flying over head and if you squint just right you might see the sky.  There are others too, from the country in the silent hours at night or the quiet crisp of morning.  Different countries with different traditions and their own definitions of beauteous conditions.

Generally speaking, because we all are generally the same except for enough differences to make us generally not, I prefer the minds of women.  It could be for various reasons that you’re all probably correct on when assuming and others you aren’t that never entered your mind.  I just like the way women typically think more so then the way men typically do.  I find them more open to change and chance.  Compromise and open-mindedness.  Each is their own person and nobody is going to fit the t-shirt perfectly but the size chart is a thing for a reason.

Let’s spend time listing the best words to describe a sunset while watching the dawn.  We can sit at the toe-tickle of the beach’s edge and wonder what the water’s thinking.  I want to lay in the grass and stare at the sky while listening to the leaves rattle in the wind and make up stories with another mind that doesn’t stop.  I want to race to see who can run the longest.

On your mark.  Get set.  Go.

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