Writing Has Been Cancelled For Tonight

Tomorrow not looking good either.

I’ve had an opportunity to write, somewhat of an opportunity but not much of one.  The only problem is I feel distracted, justifiably or not.  My mind isn’t into it because there are distractions abound.

I’ve heard a couple of people talk about NaNoWriMo.  The overall sentiment is that its a grueling drive.  It churns through you like the wheels of a train that feel rusted for years and are trying to break free.  It’s hard.
Maybe a problem with NaNoWriMo is the push.  The drive that people need those 1667 words a day because if you don’t hit one day you’re down 3300.  Two days?  Then you have to write 5000 by the end of the third.  It piles up and you crumble.
I think a break is needed.  A day, or so, with no writing.  A day where you go into it and know that you’re not even going to get a word on the page.  Of course maybe this is just me making excuses for myself that fit to what I’m doing.

I forced out 500 words last night and they felt pretty terrible.  I know the point is to get it down but I think if you get enough down in the wrong direction it could derail the whole thing.  So I’m taking tonight off.  Most likely won’t get any words down tomorrow but to feel productive I’ll do a little bit of research.  It’ll give me some ammunition for Sunday.

I’m still on the assault to 50,000.

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