Slow, Steady, Open

Cool your jets, blue
We ain’t gotta rush this.
Forever ain’t a day past tomorrow yet
Even though we’re killin it.

Infinity ain’t the war we’re dealin
Beyond got that you and me feelin
Bonnie and Clyde without the guns
Starburst and skittles not quite like gum

But it still makes our insides gooey
I’m that pirate, you’re that bluey.
We got dates, we got plans
We in the sheets, sans our pants

Dirty dancing like the movie
tattooed rainbows on your ooey new-y
Come on over, come on in
Slide on next to you wearing nothing

How many words can you hear
before that far because this near
Textin words on the low
Come on just do it, I wanna know

Purple lips and blue hair
Pink starburst, you can count me there
This girls it, this girl’s fine
This girl’s gonna fuckin be mine

Who needs slow when you can go fast
My lips and hands all over that blast
Takes it easy cause we got time
Its just you and me all day on the line

Quite contrary, there’s something about her
Peter and Paul and she’s the other
Always gonna leave on a jet plane
New age girl, ain’t changing my lane

Shallow walkin and baby talkin
Her in hers and me in mine
Fingers laced and lips hard locked
This girls got my world rocked.

2 thoughts on “Slow, Steady, Open

    • I was talking with someone about songs and we got onto the Arctic Monkeys; Do I Wanna Know and R U Mine.
      I got a little inspired with some inside things between the two of us as well. The more I read it the more I like it, even if it only makes sense to the two of us lol


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