Why Didn’t I Listen?

I know you’re the furthest thing from perfect for me

Our long runs are short with the finish line only a few steps away

We don’t have a happy ending

You and I weren’t meant to last

But despite all that I can’t stop thinking about you.

Every time I smiled it was because of you.

Joyous thoughts only had your name

You were the shifting wind of my day and determined its up or down

But you didn’t ask for it

You told me it wasn’t what you wanted

Yet I foolishly fell anyways

I practically leaped off the cliffs asking you to catch me

You warned me that your arms were tired,

so I hit the ground.

Now I’m here lying and everything hurts

I don’t want to move or open my eyes

because then I’ll see you looking at me

telling me you told me so

and why didn’t I listen.

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