I can’t do a love song like the way it’s meant to be

It always starts with I want and I know that’s selfish sounding, and I don’t mean to get too philosophical but we’re all selfish animals and can only think of ourselves.  So I’m going to do it again and I’ll apologize ahead of time right here, right now.  I’m sorry.
Now that the apology is out of the way I’ll continue.

I want to love everything about you.  Not in a way where I’m trying but in a sense that if you give me the time allowed I’ll get to each tic mark on the list.  Let me love you and I’ll love every part of you from the mess you look in the morning to the sickness leaking from your eyes.
All of the tears, the blood and sweat.  Give me your anxieties and sacred thoughts and I’ll love them too.

I’ll love your body.  I’ll kiss your limbs and taste your flesh.  Biting, sucking and kissing along your curves.  We’ll discover the sound range your vocal chords can travel and make music together.

I want to know the things that you love.  Tell me your passions and make your eyes big and arms flail as you describe them.  Go into intense detail and hardcore belief.  Geek out in the hardest fashion about the things that make your life worth existing in and let me enjoy you as you enjoy it.

I want to be the person who leaves you notes in random places that make you smile.
“Hey, guess what?  I wrote this on xx/xx/xxxx and you just found it.  I wanted you to know that then, just as today, you’re beautiful and I love you.”

If you just give me a chance I won’t ever stop.  All I need to hear you say is, “I want you too.”


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