You are the mountain
and I need to climb you.
I have no equipment
just my wits.
I’ve fallen to my death a few times.

You are the ocean
and I need to cross you.
I have no training
just my desire.
I’ve sunk on a number of voyages.

You are the jungle
and I need to journey through you.
I have no map
just my heart.
I’ve been lost for many months.

You are the desert
and I need to trek over you.
I have no water
just my parched lips.
I’ve perished among the dunes, often.

You are the tundra
and I need to travel across you.
I have no warmth
just my memories.
I’ve been frozen in the ground for so long.

You are the sky
and I need to fly in you.
I have no skill
just my arms.
I’ve gone too high, always.

You are the hills
You are the plains
You are the skies
You are the sea
You are my thrill
You are my fame
You are my try
You are my (in)sanity

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