Too Much Time Spent In Quiet

“A good walk, spoiled.”
Although not said by the lips the Post claimed,
still holds a point true.

Said by Wilson,
“too much walking for a good game,
too much game for a good walk.”

An endless disdain
for something so silly as golf.
Endless obsessions at the other side.

Come Fathers
and accept your day’s gift.
There couldn’t be any other.

(Although tools suffice.
Those of grilling or of building,
as long as it involves a man.)

The old boys club is full.
It only accepts a likeness
not far from itself.

Although its no different
than other interests or time spent.
Its importance is inflated beyond reason.

Simply put, I’m not a fan.
And I’m merely voicing my displeasure
for this silly game and its silly members.

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