There is a night-you.  And there is a day-you.  The two yous aren’t the same though and I think I need you both.

You’ll never meet.  You’ll only hear about each other in stories and anecdotes I tell.  I’ll try my best to refrain from speaking of the other as I know its not easy to hear of someone else and how I love them.  But I need you both for the equal sides of me and how they fit with you.

You here, the night-you, are of sparkling eyes and midnight hair.  The quiet peace of your expression calms my hurried soul and we spend dusk til dawn exploring our torrid minds.  You refocus my energy onto you.  Your moonlight beams into my depth.  The sunrise always comes too early.
We make about as if we’re alone in the world.  The darkness settles and we are.  What better way to experience the dark then through whispers against my ear with no sight and touch on my neck with your hands.  The sensation of you in the blackened night is silence broken with sounds of breathing.  Soft whispers connected by a set of fingered words, no more.  Let the sound of nothing be our lead.
This can be our always.  Each night enjoyed similarly in simplicity.  A light when needed to listen to your voice as you read aloud and your fingers stroke lazily through my hair.  The sound of the page flipping louder than anything in the world we’ve made here.  Ambient noise of forks on plates and glasses touching more than the words we share because a look from you is all I need to know whatever it is you need.

But the sun does rise and we cannot stop it.  I am not a single entity with a straight path.  As much as you can pull me in my excitement cannot be held from the sun and its shining.  My calm can be long while letting the rest slumber, but it will wake and will feast in the light.  In these times I need the day-you.
The day-you is not you and she is someone different.  She does not hold your same stare and sensual nature.  She does not have your eyes or your body, nor does she hold my lust the way you do.  I think I may need her almost just as much though.
She does not calm me the way you do.  She even heightens my mania and not in a way that is destructive.  I run rampant down her halls and spill the contents of my mind as she looks on in amazed wonder.
The day-you attempts to keep up.  She is wild at nature and tosses similarly peculiar thoughts about to volley between us.  The hype climbs at a fevered pace and when it reaches its peak it has nowhere to go.  It crashes.  I crash.  I need someone to squeeze and hold and calm me.  I need to be brought back down.  In these times I need the night-you.  I can never go without the night-you.

These two yous aren’t the same and never can be, I don’t think.  I need you both to have all of me and all of me needs you both.  The night-you and the day-you.  I wish it were just one you to lose 24 hours at a time with.  The sun’s rise and fall never mattering.  In your arms and your gaze held still through the dawn and dusk.

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