Exceprt From Nothing: Dancing With The Devil

When you dance with the devil you reach a reckoning point.  The devil will ask if you would like to dance all night.  The room had spun on your feet.  The music rang in your ears.  Everything was so sweet.  It’s difficult to say no.

So, when the devil asks you if you’d like to keep his steps and company you have a simple choice.

Yes, or no.

Continue dancing with the devil and enjoying the moment as long as it lasts or stop and go back to experiencing it all as everyone else does.

Just know if you say yes the devil owns your dances, all of them, until they are all spent.
If you say no your dances are yours to give out as you please.  They will end some day, no matter what.  Just decide how you’d like to spend them and what side of the room you’d like to sit when they’re all gone.

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