Even when you love me, I need you to love me.
When you’re telling me you’re there, I want it here.
When its all you’ve got I want to ask for more,
because loving me has never felt so difficult and worn.

Tell me that you’ll never leave and you’ll send me all your smiles.
Kiss me when I’m deep in need and linger for a while.
I don’t necessarily care if I’m the only one.
but if I need your lips and mind, pretend you’re never done.

I’ve told you I’m high maintenance.
I hope that warning wasn’t cast aside.
It was meant with deep sincerity,
as were the rules you must abide.

I’m fragile and my ego’s weaker than it looks,
despite my feigning greatness I’m quite the simple crook.
I don’t think I’m worthy of many, nor a one.
Despite the people that have come and gone, not a single stayed to love.

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