Society is a dirty word

Human nature will be the downfall of all humanity, I’m sure of it.  Our post apocalyptic narrative will be littered with the trash heaps of evidence.  The cities will still exist but as crumbled leviathans that hold nightmares in reality.  The outer limits of normal all gone in exchange for a reset to nothing.

Life is becoming too volatile.  It’s as if living is no longer a right but a privilege, and everyone gets to have a say in it.  We look for evidence of good deeds as a minute break from the onslaught of bad ones.  We try to find solace in the smallest bits of happiness before they’re snuffed out of existence.

Human nature cannot co-exist with fulfillment and happiness.  Human’s cannot co-exist with anything at times, not even other humans.  We destroy the forests, the oceans, the plains and the sky.  We tell others they can’t be who they want to be and limit them on who they are.  Human nature, humanity, is a drain on the individuality of its whole.

We cannot accept an altering viewpoint because it does not agree with ours.  There is no empathy left in the masses.  No decency, but instead we’re filled with irreverence.  Neighborhoods leaking goodwill with none left to spare.

“Sorry mate, you’ll have to find somewhere else to weather the storm.  Gates been closed a long time.”

With every triumph there lies a defeat lurking.  Wherever we have hope they are followed by torches in the night with chants of hate.  Whenever we mourn there are praised words for the cause of the mourning.  With every arm reached for betterment there’s a gun point to greet it, and too many cheers for those holding the gun.

When we’re all gone it will be plain as day.  We’ll shake our heads and wonder what we were thinking.  Or will that even happen?  Will our stubborn human nature be blind to the faults of ourselves and unable to take blame because we are infallible.  Because we are the new gods and nothing we do is wrong, if it is then everything is wrong and should not exist.  In those proud words we will see humanities undoing, hopefully the next inhabitants of our world will be less so.

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