When I Was Little

My parents were never my heroes
I didn’t have any heroes

(aside from GI Joe, Matt Williams and Steve Young)

But they were smart and taught me many things.

I learned that Greenland is cold and ugly
and Iceland is beautiful and fun.

and the reason they were named as such
was to trick people to leave Iceland alone.

They taught me to appreciate the golden oldies.
My favorite song for a long time was Do Wah Diddy

(and even now its American Pie.)

Even in the explosion era of video games
I was still encouraged to go outside
and run through the fields across the street from our house
with friends from up and down the street.

My mom taught me to vote
and to vote for the person who aligns with your beliefs
no matter the odds of them winning

My dad taught me about humor
and the many things in the world to laugh at
and the different ways in which those laughs can be pulled.

They taught me that it’s illegal to drive with the inside light on
and they couldn’t turn it on right now
to look for the toy I dropped and desperately wanted.

I learned about talk radio on long drives
listening to Rush Limbaugh and Mike Savage
preach hate in the most liberal area of the country.

My dad taught me that you don’t need to vote
because every American is allowed to complain about the way things are
yet not do anything about it.

My mom taught me that seeming miserable is acceptable.
That no matter how you feel in life you should stick things through.
Even if they look like they’re draining the life from you.

They taught me nobody is perfect.
That parents have flaws just as every other person.
But most importantly I learned
that I don’t have to share those flaws
just because they were taught to me.

But I still listen to the oldies and smile
and I still believe them about Iceland.

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