She liked him how she liked him.

There was a dial at the nape of his neck that she could turn to make him exactly as she wanted.  Twist it to the right and he’d be one way.  Twist it to the left and he’d be another.  Whatever she wanted she could make him and it was all at the end of her fingertips.

“How are you today, babe?”  He would smile a hello at her and her arms would wrap around his neck.  He never stopped smiling and it made her feel awkward.  Why was he always so happy?

She placed her fingers on the knob and turned it to the right a few clicks.  He kissed her lips and pulled back, looking in her eyes and staring.

“What?”  She asked, staring back as he looked into her.

“Usually when someone asks you how you are you answer,” he tilted his head just slightly and looked into her.

“Right,” she nodded and smiled and turned the knob to the left one click, “I’m fine.  I’m good.  Can’t really complain.”

“Mmhmm,” he smiled back at her.
“And if you could complain, what would those complaints be?”

“That your lips aren’t on mine enough,” she flashed a smirk back at him while leaning back and gazing in his eyes.

“Well you’re in luck.  I know a trick to rectify that complaint,” he smirked back at her before kissing her lips and indulging in the taste of her mouth.

It over threw her and was exactly what she needed.  So much so that she was greedy and wanted more.  Good for her that all she ever needed to do was ask.  After he pulled away and looked at her she would tap her lips with her finger and mouth the word, “more.”

The pull was strong and he attacked the next kiss with fervor.  He pushed her back.  She fell into the chair and he fell with her.  His hands were ripping at her clothes and she was taken by his lust and greed.  He wanted her and the mouthed word to him was enough to set him free to do with her what he wanted.  In turn she was taken just as she’d needed.  It was perfect.  Everyone was satisfied and she had him just as she wanted.

It wasn’t always so simple though.  Sometimes getting him just as she needed took more fine tuning.  The right and the left seemed sensitive to her movements.

“Hey babe,” he’d press up against her and attach his lips to her neck.

“Mmm, hi,” she’d respond and scratch her nails along his neck to feel the length of his scruff.

“What are you up to?”  He would inquire, followed by a kissed path to her ear and his lips tugging at the lobe.

“Mmmm, nothing.  Just relaxing,” she’d respond in his grasp and turn the knob to the right hoping to hit the perfect spot on the first try.  She wanted to tune in on his current mood and heighten it.  She wanted him to devour her.

His teeth would tighten on her sensitive skin and his voice would whisper in her ear, “if you’re just about done with that I’d like to tire you out for the rest of the day.”

She was greedy and pulled back to smirk in his face, turn the knob a few more to the right and tilt her head, “you sound so confident.”

She pursed her lips into an air kiss and shook her head to wave the dark locks around her.  The messy hair look was always his favorite and he never tried to hide it.  Her stare tore through him and she added another click to the right on the knob for good measure.

“Do I?”  Was his only response.

She looked back at him, her eyes peering in slits, “mmhmm,” was the only response she gave.

“Why do you think that is?”  He looked back.  His voice was even and his stare hard into hers.  She merely shook her head from side to side, jostling the hair about as well.

“You don’t think it’s because of you?  Because of my need and want of you.  The way you look every time I see you and the things I want to do to you.  The confidence comes from the part of me that wants to do things to you so badly that I know I’m going to be able to do them.  Nothing else will satisfy that taste.”

The words stayed even, as if he were reading a toppings list while ordering a pizza.  She loved it.  The stoic nature of his tone while the words show a boiling need just below the surface on the verge of being unleashed upon her.  She just needed to tease it out.  Another click to the right and a few words should do it.

“Then do something about it.”

He did.  He always did.  He made her body shake and shiver.  When she was done and her muscles ached she rolled to her side and tugged a thin sheet around her body, wrapping herself up and falling asleep.  She reached behind his neck, turned the knob to the right again and dropped her arm on his side.

He kissed the back of her head and lost his lips in her hair, whispering, “I’m having that again for breakfast.”
His arm draped over her and they passed out together.

She knew he missed her when they were away.  She knew he thought of her.  He made it a point to tell her all of the time.  There were times he would tell her that he didn’t want to tell her that he missed her because he had told her so much already.  She smiled and kissed his forehead and nodded, “I know.”

No matter where she left him she always had to adjust though.  Nothing ever stayed perfect enough that the knob was able to be left for any length of time.

When it was quiet and all she wanted to do was lay in bed in silence in his arms she would turn the knob to the left.  It was clicked far to the left and she would adjust from there and often it was enough within a try or two.
They would lay in each others arms and enjoy the sound of the house creaking or the outdoors going on as if life continued without their approval.  He would kiss her on the side of the head and she would make cooing sounds.  His fingers would travel over her body and she would close her eyes and let them traverse her plains.

When she got home from a frustrating day and all she wanted to do was find release her fingers would find the back of his neck and she would jerk the knob to the right and bite his lower lip.

“You know all you have to do is ask,” he would say after pulling away from her nibbling teeth.

“I don’t want to ask,” she turns the knob right again.

“If you don’t ask you never know what you’re going to get.”

Another jerk on the knob to the right, “I like surprises.”

He shook his head, “no you don’t.”

“You don’t know me as well as you think I do then,” she cranked the knob to the right now, rotating it a few revolutions.

“That’s where you’re wrong.  I know you exactly as much as I think I do,” he placed his hand delicate around the base of her neck and tightened with the slightest bit of pressure.

She stared at him, daring him to continue as her fingers traced around the knob again and again without moving it.

There was no smile on his face.  No expression aside from hard eyes looking into her face.  They didn’t move down to her lips or anywhere but stared deep into her pupils while his left hand moved to strip the lower half of her of any clothing above her knees.

“I know what you want and when you play coy.  Your coquettish smirks and stern stares to dare me into doing something.  The way you play with the back of my neck as you part your lips begging for a kiss while I strip your clothes off.  Telegraphing it all to me as if you were writing a blueprint on how to build the perfect way to fuck you.  You like surprises as long as they’re exactly what you want.  Now tell me, am I right?”

His teeth clenched and she could see them gritted together.  His eyes were piercing into her and the grip on her neck was tightened.  She bit her lip and nodded.  Her fingers went to the back of his neck and he squeezes a bit more at her.

“No.  Hands down.  You wanted a surprise, now you have it.”

She took it.  The surprise and everything that came with it.  She loved it and she hated it too.   The control he had and the way he moved her body.  The lust he poured over her and into her was electric.  It was exactly what she wanted and she hated that he knew it so perfectly.  It confused her too because it was so perfect.  He did everything imaginable that would make her euphoric and yet it was too familiar.

When he was laying next to her she moved her hand delicately up his back and turned the knob a full rotation to the left, then laid her head on his chest thinking.  She thought about what she wanted and if she even know what it was.  Whether she could have what she wanted and make it be exactly that or if knowing what she wants and getting it was taking away any type of pure experience.  Her mind wandered back and forth for a long time in the darkness.

Her fingers traded back and forth as well.  She turned him to the left and then back to the right.  She couldn’t figure out where to stop.  It continued all night and into the morning.  The clicking of the knob in both directions sounded louder as time wore on.  She couldn’t decide.  All she knew was that she liked him how she liked him and she never really knew which way that was.


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