It’s Funny Sometimes

It’s funny when you don’t know what to do.  When you can’t be mad and don’t have enough yet to be sad but you know its probably coming, but you don’t even really have any right to be sad either.

Is it so bad to want to love someone without their permission?  To find someone that says something to you without words and tell them everything you’ve ever wanted to tell anyone.

To say, I love you.

To say, I need you.

To say, you make me feel like I’m the one who makes the stars shine so I can watch them sparkle in your eyes.

To say, you don’t know what you do to me.  There are only so many words that have been made and only so many places my hands can touch on your body for me to properly show you.  It will never be enough for me to explain the kind of life you breath into me each time I see you.

Is any of that so bad to have even if you didn’t ask for it?  Even if you think you didn’t want it and wished you could just be without it wouldn’t you think its not so bad if its just there for when you need it?

Why can’t a person love another person unabashedly, without fear or worry, without purpose or agenda.  Why can’t it just be a love of someone to give because you love them so much you’ll take whatever you can get and that will be enough?  Why can’t it be easy enough to simply love someone and have it accepted and enjoyed?

It’s funny when it hurts and it really shouldn’t.

It’s funny when you want to cry and you can’t.

It’s just funny sometimes the way things work.

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