The Day The Music Died

I wrote this a few months ago and thought there wasn’t a ton I could add a few months later. It really encapsulated my feelings for the song.
I didn’t delve much into the mythos and lore of it, but there are people who’ve done a much better job than I ever could. I’ll just leave this here then, again, on the day that inspired the song. The day of a tragedy. The day the music died.

A Hopeless Romantic, Stirred

February 3rd, 1959.  That’s the day the music died, according to Don McLean in the song “American Pie.”
There are a number of fascinating details of that fateful flight, but maybe I’ll save that for a different post, maybe on the actual day.  This is more for just me to gush about my favorite song.

When I was growing up my parents had the car radio tuned to the oldies station about fifty percent of the time.  Forty percent of the time it was right wing talk radio like Rush Limbaugh or Mike Savage.  The other ten percent was a smattering of sports radio or, god forbid, new music.
Due to the constant flow of the golden oldies on KFRC 99.7 I ended up with a real attachment to that era of music.  I still love it.

My Girl, Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay, Chantilly Lace, Lean On…

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