Does he know he’s an asshole or is it just me?

Hey, asshole.  Do you know you are the way you are?  I’m genuinely curious if you have any realization about how much of a prick you are.  Does your arrogance hide your awful personality or are you completely aware of what a shitty person you are and you think that’s perfectly fine?

Hey, asshole.  Do you realize that you only laugh at your own jokes?  When anyone else says something funny you stare blankly and give a serious response.  You answer as if they were looking for words when all they wanted was a laugh.  You’re too good to laugh, aren’t you?  Unless you’re telling the joke, of course.
When you say something funny you burst into a hyena-like chortle.  You bellow loudly so everyone within a hundred yards has to stop and pay attention to the obnoxious man.  It lingers too as your voice changes and takes time to recover, because when you say something funny it’s worth it.

Hey, asshole.  Have you always been such a power-hungry snob?  You’re validated by making yourself seem superior to others.  Purposely being difficult to diminish other’s accomplishments.  Nobody knows things like you.  Nobody does things like you.  Anything done by anyone else isn’t worth acknowledging.

Hey, asshole.  You know you can let small things go, right?  The smallest slight doesn’t have to be rectified immediately.  The tiniest bit of perceived disrespect isn’t required to be addressed.  You don’t need to chase down the wrong-doer and have them sit so you can tower above them and explain why they were wrong.  You are such a god damn child.

Hey, asshole.  I hope you know I don’t like you.  I hope you can see it by the way I walk by and offer the smallest bit of acknowledgment of your presence.  The way I never say hello.  Why do you say hello to me?  Can’t you see that I have an extreme contempt for you?  Are you that self-centered that you think everyone must love you?

I hope you see what an asshole you are someday.  I hope its shown to you and you cringe from embarrassment and question everything you do from that day forward.  But I doubt you will.  Even if you don’t realize what an asshole you are, you’re so much of an asshole that I don’t think you can see outside of yourself.

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