Morning rush

I ate my breakfast standing over the sink this morning.  I guess I really shouldn’t specify that it was this morning because I do that nearly every morning, the ones I eat breakfast on anyways.  Sometimes I’ll lean against the counter with the sink behind me, eating a bowl of cereal.  The other times my waist is pressed into the edge and I’m leaning over the sink so anything that drips or falls out of the breakfast burrito I made lands in an appropriate place.

It always seems like the most practical thing to do.  Why dirty a plate when the sink is right there.  Of course the root of it all is the rush in the mornings.  Get up, get showered, get dressed, get ready and go.  Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.  Move.  Let’s go, time to leave.

Have to hurry kids off to school.  Hurry myself off to work.  Then hurry home.  Is dinner ready?  No?  Hurry up and make it, then hurry up and eat it.  Okay, it’s bed time for kids.  Get them in bed, don’t take too long.  Is it all settled yet?  Is there anything else left to do?  The dishes?  The laundry?  Did you schedule that appointment?  Okay, good, hurry up and relax before bed.

Is it over?  Okay, get in bed.  Pull up the sheets and the blanket.  Close your eyes.  It’s around 11 pm.   Hurry up and get to sleep because tomorrow’s Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are always busy.

Wake up.  Get in the shower.  Clothes on.  Breakfast over the sink. Out the door and do it all again.

It sounds crazy but it would be nice to eat breakfast sitting down once in a while.

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