Mosquito Bites

Love is like one of the worst mosquito bites in one of the hardest to reach places.

It’s elusive.  No matter how many times you try to reach love, it always seems like its just outside of your nails.  You claw and dig and fight for it but you can’t quite get the right angle to feel it.  Despite your best efforts you can never grasp love when you’re trying your damn hardest.

And then you rub up against a desk and your ankle nicks the corner then suddenly you feel euphoria.  The feeling is better than anything you ever thought possible while, at the same time, being painful.

Loving someone is letting them hurt you in ways you didn’t know you would hurt.  Not in an intentional way, but in a kind of way where you always want to be around them and know there isn’t enough hours in the day to satisfy your craving.

Love buzzes in your ear.  Love bites.  Love itches.  Love frustrates and infuriates.
At the same time love gives you one of the greatest feelings you could ever imagine.

Love can be quite annoying, but so damn satisfying.
Like scratching an itch from a mosquito bite.

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