Cowboy Boots

“He’s wearing his cowboy boots again.”

Lydia looked past Sam to take a look at the tall man at the counter.  He was buying a coffee to go.  She knew his order.  Coffee with a pinch of sugar for a bit of taste.  He had a twang in his voice on the word taste.

She continued staring at him.  Sam did two.  The two women were obvious about it and didn’t try to hide their gaze, although for different reasons.  Sam wanted to ogle the oddball that still wore cowboy boots and white t-shirts like he was living in the old west.  Lyida was mesmerized by him though.

This rugged man came into the coffee shop every day and ordered the same thing, a coffee with a pinch of sugar.  He paid the barista with a little extra as a tip and gave a quick glance Lydia’s way.  She was never an egotistical person but she always had an idea that he gave her the look instead of Sam.  It was ego or hope.

She loved the idea of a secret romance with a tall, mysterious man.  A torrid affair with a strong, outdoorsy type.  Something to escape her life with for a while.  She imagined his white t-shirt being ripped off of his ripped chest and his hands grabbing her body and lifting her in the air.  He would carry her to the bedroom and they would spend the night having sex.

Lydia stared as he paid and turned to give her a look.  She stared and this time he looked right in her eyes and gave her a wink and smiled.  She shook her head in shock at his brazen look to her before smiling shyly back at him.  It was an innocent exchange between her and the man wearing the cowboy boots.  It could be more.  It could be less.  It was something.  But she watched him and his cowboy boots walk out of the coffee shop and wondered.

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