I guess not

When you were here you were everything.  You were all that mattered.  My only focus and the only thing I wanted to know.  Everything I did was because of you and everything I wanted to do was as well.

Then, when you were gone, it intensified.

You were all that mattered and all I thought about.  Imagining what could have been.  Imagining what still might be.  I was living in a dream world on two different plains, and then you came back.


You came back.  You were here and I was there and we were perfect.


I was you and you were me.  Well, not exactly but we worked so well together and we were all we needed.  You were all I needed and I was everything you wanted, at least for a short while.  I thought we were going to last a while.  It seemed like we would last a while.  Years.  But, I guess not.

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