A constant interest

Circling back to you.  Over and over again I’ve been coming back to you.

I need to feed.  I’ve got a hunger and looking won’t satisfy it.  I need my hands and mouth to get involved.  Squeezing and pulling.  I want sounds and touch.  I need that shiver.

The jolt has got a hold of me.  The curiosity.  The pounding of my heart and the laser focus of my brain.  Nothing else is going to be good enough until I’m full of you.  Until I’m satiated.  Until I’m wasted with a drunken look on my face having indulged too much, yet not regretting a thing.

I’m inching closer to jumping in the pool.

I’ll have my eyes open.

There won’t be a smile on my face, but I will be licking my lips.

Let’s go.

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