I have spent many years writing down silly little things in the margins of newspapers and on random scraps of paper and leaving them for whoever to read, wherever I am.  On my lunch breaks at work I would scribble down nonsense and leave them on the tables and watch as people would read them with a confused look on their face.  That look made me smile and laugh nearly every time.  So I thought, why not keep those thoughts in once place instead of having them disappear forever.

These are my, mainly, unedited and freshly written pieces to keep myself writing.
Write every day, that’s what I’m trying to stick to.  If I never stop then I’ll never stop.  If I never stop then maybe I’ll finish something one of these days.

Most of my writing is about love, passion and romance.  The good side and the bad.  I will occasionally delve into other topics as well, from silly to political.  I write poetry, short stories, vignettes of fiction.  Prose and whatever comes to mind.  This is all really just a brain dump to keep my mind running.

Thanks for stopping by.

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