I apologize for lusting after you in my private thoughts

although don’t worry, its nothing as lecherous as that may make it sound.

I think you’re pretty

that’s all I’m trying to say.

You look good in blue.

I try not to stare too much,

but when your blonde, curly hair is up in a bun

and you’re wearing bright azure

you look like a dream and its hard not to steal a glance.

I won’t focus on anything specific

but I can’t help and think

how dangerous your curves are.

And of course you have an accent.

French and sweet and soft.

I’ll keep my distance

and I’ll try not to admire you

but I hope you have someone who tells you

how beautiful you are.

The Physics of You

Good mornings were meant for pleasant people with pleasant things to say to each other on their way to their normal lives and their standard living arrangements. You’re more than a good morning. You’re more than pleasant. You’re a dirty deed not yet acted on.
Something creeping in the back of my mind not yet fully developed but far enough along that I know I want to do something to you. But what?

You’ve got your sly smile from behind your honey-kissed hair. You’re so fucking sweet too, that nectar that’s coating your lips is addictive. Sting me with them and cause my skin to welt from your nails dug in tight. Leave marks I’ll have to explain away much further in the future than I’ve ever thought about.

I’ve thought about waking you up with your hands pinned to the bed in a jolt. Your legs loosely on either side of me and I’m jostling your body up and down slowly. What does it feel like to wake up with someone between your legs and staring into your eyes? Tell me. I want to watch the words float from your lips as I stare in your smokey eyes.

Lets not waste a morning on good mornings. We should spend each one finding what curves of our bodies fit best against each other, and when they don’t fit we’ll crash ourselves into each under until they do. Bend me. Break me. Let me feel your fingers snaking around my neck to edge me further.

Push. Physics is simple, for ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I want to test every possible one.

I’m not saying good morning. I’m saying get up, lets have some fun.