The gods were petty when they made you.  They were filled with rage from jealousy, so you were hid just below the topsoil.  Now you bloom every spring and through the late summer, then die back as the cold resets dominion from petal to leaf.  Reds, oranges and yellows take from pink and white.  Fragrance is lost as crisp evening air blankets the sunsets.

Your heart beats a short bloom, barely able to take one breath among fifty-two.  Colors dying back to mush.
You come back though.  You need the cold to remind you how much you love the warmth, as if you could forget so easily.  The sun is your life and without it you would fall, or refuse to grow at all.
And although you display yourself in many colors of vibrant beauty, you do not long for attention.  Stealing away to anonymity.  You don’t mind being observed, as long as it’s without witness.

You are a bomb that was too much for jealous minds.  Healing gods with your beauty.  Now they’re all gone and you remain, year after year.  Beauty always wins in the end.  Beauty never dies.


She of three sisters,

all gorgons,

yet one exquisitely fair.

She born of grandeur,

they born of terror.

Her beauty abound

its tale heard wide

Even the god of the sea

took to her on his tide.

Poor Medusa, poor mortal,

in Athena’s temple to pray

Where Poseidon’s greed

took Medusa’s body in rape.

An act still alive

thousands of years to present day

The Goddess Athena

made Medusa, the victim, to pay

Now a monster with hair

as venomous snakes

Blank white eyes remained

the color replaced.

Further to punish Medusa

To assure she’s forever alone

Any man to catch her gaze

will have himself turned to stone

This poor girl went mad

from every kingdom she was banished

As hordes of “heroes” came

to vanquish, instead vanished.

Surrounded by statues of men

who meant her harm with their swords

Now her only companions

to witness the tears which she’s poured

Her life finally taken

by the arrogant Perseus

Her head as a trophy

a cruel end to her curse.

The tale of Medusa

twisted as the snakes on her head

A victim of pettiness and jealousy

and rage that was misled