I Just Want To Be What I Want To Be

Don’t beholden me to what you want me to be.  Don’t expect things of me that you expect.  Don’t assume I’ll know something that you know.  Don’t figure I would have done something that you would have done.  Don’t think I’ll do something because you think it’s what normal people would do.  Don’t put you on me.

I’m me.  I do things that I think are normal.  I say things that I think are okay.  I help with things that I think need help.  I worry about things that I think need to be worried about.  I fix things that I think need fixing.  I take care of me.  You take care of you.

Don’t put you on me.

I can’t read minds.  I can’t predict behavior.  I can’t save you.  I can’t prevent bad things from happening.  I can’t rescue you every time you need to be rescued.  I can’t help you be safe all the time.

Don’t put you on me.

Just because I don’t openly worry about things doesn’t mean I don’t worry.  If I don’t appear to have urgency in a situation it doesn’t mean I’m blase about it.  When I don’t act the way you would in regards to a situation doesn’t mean I think less of it.  I react in my way because I am me.  Don’t put you on me.

I am not you.  I cannot be you.  I don’t understand you.
All I can be is me.  I can’t take you into me and make something else.
Don’t ask me to because I don’t ask it of you.
Just be you.  And when you need help, ask.  But don’t try to make me into you to anticipate all of your problems so I can solve them for you.

I can’t carry you and me at the same time.