I still think about you.

On random days of what could’ve been.

And restless nights of what sort of was.

I’m still here thinking about you.

Will you?

Will you let me play with your hair all night?

Will you let me curl my fingers in the loose strands and then pull them free?

Will you shiver?

Will you moan?

Will you ask me to keep going?

Or will you turn to me and kiss my lips and start something completely new?

Will we be able to do this forever?

Each night?

You and I,

with my fingers in your hair.


Just a little bit of pink in the middle.  That’s the way I like my steak.

A slow bite and pull of the meat.


It makes me hungry.

You remind me of that steak.

Just a little bit of pink.  Just a little bit of sizzle.

Tasting your skin.  Tasting your lips.  The juices dripping from the succulent parts of your body.

Dinner time, baby.


When you look at me after I say something stupid.

When you try to hide your smile after I make a joke.

When you brush the hair from in front of your face to behind your ear.

When your fingers flicker against my hand.

When you stand half naked in the bedroom before climbing beneath the covers.

When you whisper in my ear during a movie.

When you shimmy out of your jeans.

When you get out of the shower and your hair is dripping wet.

When you ask me to do something that you love.

When you smile all the way to your eyes.

When you can’t decide what you want to eat during a meal.

When you’re so tired you can’t stay awake and your eyes are drooping.

When you color your hair.

When you ask where I’ve been all day.

When you ask if we can stay in tonight.

When you kiss my lips softly like a pillow.

When you kiss my lips hard like a freight train.

When you make me feel like you love me.

When you make me think that I love you.

When we spend all day getting lost in each others minds.

When we just live.


You inspire me.

Every word you write.
Every action you create.
Every piece of scenery you describe.

You make me want to be better.

All of you amazing writers.
You incredible play writes.
and screen writers of film.

You give us experiences.
You give us enjoyment.
You give us happiness and smiles.

You give me hope that one day I can create something as amazing as you did.


Brave new worlds.

Untraveled roads.

The paths with no footprints.

Virgin skies.

Pure blue seas.

The places we want to go and have never been.

The things we want to do that we’ve never done.

Beginning anew and endless starts.

Ending doing nothing and beginning to follow my heart.

How time flies

I don’t like the way you make me feel.

I don’t like the way I am when you’re around.

I don’t like how I act because of what you say.

I don’t like what I think when you talk.

I don’t like what I’m becoming because of the way you’ve treated me for so long.

I don’t like who I am when I’m with you.

I don’t know what to do

but I do know

it’s been a long time

since I liked anything to do with you.


Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Heavy is the heart that carries love

Heavy are my thoughts when you’re not around

Heavy is this life when love is done

This crown I give up, it’s not for me

This love, if that’s what it is, wasn’t meant to be

A heart can only take so many cracks

and with each I know you never will be back

New eyes

Looking at yourself

through the eyes

of someone new

is sometimes


what you need

when old eyes

only see

what they’ve wrought.