High Arches

Be my ballerina, Bonnie.

Twirl on your toe tips.

Buoy as you balance, baby.

Torque your twisted pelvis.

Movements made, meticulous.

Delicate, delightful.

Lotus pose, Namaste,

Together in the nightfall.

Taste the rainbow, tropical.

Starburst pink across the sky.

The blue in you catches me,

in your hair, in your eyes.

Infinity, Friday nights and

Weekend morning brunch.

Dinner dates and graying skies.

Stay in bed, all we need is us.

Your lips, your thighs, your face, your hair,

you can never give too much.

Lace your fingers, lock your stare.

You’re the one, my wanton touch.

Now kiss me babe, I’m missing you.

I thought you’d like to find.

But when you’re done don’t move your lips,

I just wanted to say, “hai.”