There aren’t many things in this world that can stop you in your tracks with an abruptness, yet remain full of grace.  Loud and sudden crashes assault your ears and you can’t do anything until you find the source.  A sweet smell catches your nose as you walk by and your face turns into a dreamed expression until it fades out of range.

A sunset.

A cool breeze on a hot day.

A gentle stroke of a fingertip along the back of your neck.

All of these have the ability to capture you in a moment and hold life from spinning further just for a few seconds.  You belong to them and nothing else until the world’s grip pulls you back.  But the moment I laid eyes on you the world shrieked in horror as it lost its grip on me.  I was yours and nothing could pull me from you.  Reality never felt so fragile, as if you could whisk it a way with the run of your fingers through your hair.

I had never laid my eyes on perfection before you.  I had witnessed it second hand through videos or pictures but they were merely legends told through modern story-telling that you never quite believed to be true.  There had to be some trickery or deception involved because perfection cannot be so common to capture it so easily, it should be the head poking out of Loch Ness or a blurry shot through the woods.

Fortuitousness kissed me as fate guided, playing together well enough to keep their arguments at bay until I found you.   You were muted.  The sun was told to keep its rays for everyone and not to shine a special brightness just for you.  You did not snap your fingers to cause all traffic to stop.  It was if your spell was only cast on me, as no other eyes paid homage to your perfection.

I could not look away.  I tried, but your pull was too strong.  Your gravity focused itself on me and mere mortals cannot resist the call of a Goddess.  I worshiped you as time sped by.

Even as my mind did not fully grasp the flawlessness of your form I soaked every tick of the clock in so my altar could draw images of you from memory and instinct.  When unmatched beauty is within your view you don’t let it fade away without burning it to the deepest parts of your soul.  Then, in moments just as accidental as this she will rush up like a crashing wave and swallow you again to her ocean.  Drown with her.  Submit to her current.  Feel yourself weighted down on her floors and pray.

Even as a writer I cannot fully comprehend her to words.  Even as a poet I lack the ability to do her justice in a sonnet or epic.  I only had her flash through my view.  I do not have the comprehension of beauty to fully express what I saw in her.  I do not speak the language of the sun and the stars that a Goddess such as she belongs.  I can merely use my clunky words and earthly expressions to honor her in our world.  To tell of a beauty so divine it shattered my soul that I saw her and will never lay eyes on her again.  To tell of a beauty that was so pure it stitched every shattered piece together again with the knowledge that some things are meant to leave us even as their pulchritude never wanes.

I witnessed a Goddess on earth.  She stood on the sidewalk in the sun, bathed in perfection.  All of the prayers I’ve never made were given to her in that moment.  Then she moved on from me and this world, fading away from light and behind a door to another plane of existence.  I am both better and worse for witnessing her, as the best things in life often leave us when they’re gone.

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