I’m up to about 5,000 words.  Modest and only slightly half way to where I should be but it’s progressing splendidly.

Although an odd occurrence has happened.

Is it normal to almost cry while writing your own story?!  Like, seriously I’m getting sniffely and nearly had to wipe my eye!  What the hell, man!

I admit that I’m a slightly emotional person.  I cried when TGWTWS and then again when TGWTWSA.  I don’t think I did the third time though.
I’ve cried at commercials and movies and TV shows.  So its not surprising I’d cry at writing.  I’m just surprised I’ve teared up writing my OWN writing.  I’m not claiming its any good but just surprised!

I need another 3,250 words to get up to where I need to be today.  So far today I’ve written 2,000 words and I’ve got a line to where I want to go so that’s very promising.


BTW:  Excellent side benefit of being focused and really into what I’m writing – I forgot about lunch.  Even now that I’ve remember I forgot about lunch I’m still not like jonesing for some lunch.  New diet method!  Find something else besides food to obsess over!

8 thoughts on “Progress

  1. almost cry?? I would cry so bad that I had to stop woking on that book. not even kidding
    my friends literally told me to stop until I am stable…did you hear that?? STABLE!!
    I cried like an emotional and mentally unstable person.

    so it’s totally normal is you are almost crying. in fact it shows your dedication to the work.

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