NS History

Have I said I’ve never written something before?  Okay good, I wanted to make sure that was well established before I continue.  I’ve been thinking about places I enjoy and why I enjoy them.  I love San Francisco because its a home I took for granted when I lived there and I admire its beauty every time I go back.  I adore Paris because it has everything while being foreign and familiar at the same time.  NYC because of its insanity being crafted into chaotic structure.  London has so many things I never knew I would love.  Those are just a few of the places I love that I’ve been to, there are an entire catalog more that I want to go that have their own little catch I want to experience.  But the thing that draws me into each of them compared to any other is that they all have a magnificent history that could be printed in volumes.  

History is the reason I fall in love with a place most of the time.  San Francisco has the old west miners and so many different cultures all melding together on the west coast.  Paris, London and NYC has an astronomical amount of history covering a vast span of decades and beyond.  I always felt one of the reasons I never thought much of Canada and especially Nova Scotia was that it didn’t have as a rich a history as other places.

I understand that  I’m comparing it to world wide travel destinations and that isn’t fair to Nova Scotia which is a relatively small province compared to the rest of the country.  I also have come to see that Nova Scotia does actually have a much livelier history than I had originally believed.  I don’t know if its because of my US education focusing on very little to do with the neighbor to the north or if it was just my ignorance and stubbornness to not learn more about the place I’m living, either way I admit that I was wrong.

While doing a bit of research for a novel I want to write I found some fascinating and wonderful ideas to expand upon that happened in Nova Scotia.  That goes well beyond the rest of the history that is promoted in the area such as; Grand Pre and Evangeline, Fortress of Louisbourg, Mi’kmaq history, The Titanic and The Halifax Explosion to name a few.  The history doesn’t have the scope of the larger areas but it never could because it isn’t a large area.  There are plenty of places within the US, England and Europe that have little to no significant historical significance.

I’m not going to go on a long rant about all of the significant historical moments in Nova Scotia but I did want to tell myself that it is much more than I think of off the top of my head.  I think I’ve got at least a couple of good ideas for novels based what I know already and I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas I could find with more research.  Now is that hard part where I have to decide on how much research is needed before starting and when to stop looking up new cool things I find and when to start writing.


Writers of historical fiction are not under the same obligation as historians to find evidence for the statements they make. For us it is sufficient if what we say can’t be disproved or shown to be false.


-Barry Unsworth

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