Melville Island Sketch (1855)

Onward…And Well, Upward?

I’ve reached 10,000 words!  In your FACE, space coyote!

I still have to get to nearly 14,000 words by the end of the night and i have about 4 hours left to do so but I’m still feeling pretty damn good about where I’m at considering I didn’t think this week was going to go well at all.
And I have a plan on Sunday (we all know what happens to the best laid plans) to get ahead of it all and be set up for the rest of the month.
So bring it!

Not that I’m going to get too cocky or anything.  I just didn’t think I would get this far so I’m at a good point right now.  Also it’s nearly the freakin’ weeken’ so I got that going for me.  Wow, this is all over the place.

I was thinking today at the ending of this whole shenanigan known as NaNoWriMo.  I mentioned it in a comment to the new aim of my absurdity and weirdness, stoner on a rollercoaster, that what happens at the end of it.  The 50,000 word mark is kind of an arduous task and what happens if you get there and your work isn’t finished.  November 30th hits, the 50,000 word mark is nailed and you’re not done.
Obviously the easy answer is to keep going.  Finish it.  But the challenge is completed.  The point of all the stress of the last 30 days was to finish.  Will the drive still be there?

Hopefully it will.  If I can rip out 50k worth or words on the same story in the same linear direction then I’m hoping I can have enough oomph in me to push it over the finish line and complete it.
I think I will.  I’ve liked this story ever since I heard the loose tale a few years ago.  I’ve taken that and concocted its own backstory for the characters and melded in some local lore and I think I have a pretty decent story.  I just need to kick it into gear.  I’ve got two chapters done.  10,000 words.  A lot of words and chapters to go though.  Hooray for motivation.


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